What We Do

Facilitate coaching courses for coaches at all levels in the WRFU and to promote Whanganui coaches to a higher level.

To implement initiatives to increase numbers of players and coaches at all levels of rugby.

Rugby Coaching Development

The WRFU development programme is arranged into 3 groups, developed to assist players and coaches at the 3 differing groups.

• Group 1: 5 – 13 yr olds
This group’s focus is on primary school and junior club rugby, incorporating both players and coaches. The RDO will make visits to all schools introducing rugby to the children and helping with existing players. WRFU will run coaching courses for coaches appropriate to the level they are coaching.

• Group 2: 13 – 19 yr olds
This group’s focus is on secondary school under 18 club teams. The RDO will visit all schools assisting with developing rugby drills and skills. The programme also provides coaching courses for the development of coaches at this level. We also run a programme called ‘The Next Generation” This programme is run for players with potential to play at higher levels.

• Group 3: Senior Rugby
This group’s focus is club rugby at a senior level and is a nucleus for coaching courses for the development of the coaches at this level with a number of resources available to them. Player development programmes are also in place at this level.

Want to play rugby?

WRFU has a number of grades & competitions that cater for all levels of Rugby

To find out more about how you can get involved, contact us at the WRFU Office

Phone: (06) 349 2313



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